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Wake Up Dorothy is a coming-of-age musical film about Dorothy, an Appalachian  artist trying to swing a shot at the art scene. Guided by Farrah, a mother-like mentor, she meets fellow creators Gracie, Stone, and Ari. On their road to success, she encounters the charming, suit-clad Johnny Wolfe, a gallery owner, and Raven, a cunning, rival artist. Dorothy and her friends try for a spot in Wolfe’s gallery, but ends don't always justify means - Dorothy is talented, but her impulses can often get the better of her. As tensions rise and the artistic climate shifts, Raven and Dorothy find themselves in a struggle to show their talents. 

In a swirl of color, we enter a world made entirely by Appalachian Creators. This, the first feature-length musical film to be made in West Virginia, is produced by J Michael Pro in association with Studio 291.

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