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chapter two: "escape the dark realm" premieres:


a land of adventure awaits

in the land of jewel valley, not all heroes are good. in fact, most are downright awful. where the ocean meets the shores on this far off continent, the town of jewel valley serves as a gateway to an exciting world of quests and misadventure. the residents of jewel valley welcome adventurers from all over to experience and solve the dangerous mysteries living between these mountains. 

the quest master, king lame, and the grand mage invite you to explore this ever growing world of magic & mayhem.

currently in the throws of its three part kick off event "the lo-fi saga," jewel valley is an immersive comedy experience set in a far out fantasy world.

the expanding cast of heroes will be featured in online films, sketches, interactive media, live events, streams, and more.

stay tuned.


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